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I live in a place of gratitude. 

It is an ongoing practice. 
We are pulled into so many directions we sometimes forget to be still in the moment. 
I believe if we all chose to see things 
through the lens of gratitude, 
we could be a calmer culture. A culture made up of 
participants that looked at one another with 
appreciation and recognition.

We own it and can give it to who we choose. 
Nobody can take that away.

I create these bowls of gratitude with an intention. 
I want to offer you a vehicle to recognize people
 for who they are and for the contributions they make to your life...
both personally and professionally. 
It's a part of paying it forward and allowing someone to 
feel valued 
and then hopefully, they will in turn do the same.

"Feeling gratitude and not expressing it, is like 
wrapping a present and not giving it"

~William Arthur Ward