Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen

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“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”
~William Arthur Ward

$30.00 each.
Contact me for quantity purchases

Lynne Sarnoff-Christensen

I have been a potter for over 30 years.

I am continuously reinventing my focuses with new creative directions.
The path of growth, if you will.

My perpetual focus is on texture and colors.
Most of my work reflects nature and my gardens that I
nurture so passionately.

I invite businesses to think about what their appreciation
initiatives look like and how they can become more personal and genuine
with work that is hand made.

Careful thought, process and distinctiveness go into each of my pieces.
I seek to make each as unique as the recipient.
Whether you gift my work to foster your personal or your business relationships,
the practice of sharing art is individual and genuine.


"Today I came to work and found one of your beautiful bowls left on my desk. The person did not sign their name, but gave it to me as a way to thank me for the work I do around gratitude.

Your work is beautiful!
I work in a high school and I started a month of gratitude for November last year and we are keeping it going this year as well. There are many things we do for the staff as a way to keep them focused on gratitude and how it fits into their life.
In gratitude for this new, beautiful and meaningful bowl I now have!"
~Kim Kane

"What a wonderful gift for my clients! Who better than to show appreciation to? It is a packaged gift that is tasteful, timeless and one of a kind.
Thank you Lynne."

"I am having so much fun giving your bowls to the fantastic women in my life. Your work is so perfect for showing how appreciative I am of all these gals and I can't thank you enough.
Don't ever stop doing what you do or being who you are, Lynne.
I am spreading a little bit of you throughout my world and I am grateful to you!"

~ Ingrid Johnson

"I am a real estate agent and I love to show my clients how grateful I am to know them and to do business with them.
The Bowls of Gratitude are perfect for this. The bowls are a beautiful way to show my gratitude and inspire it in others.
I also love being able to support a woman owned business in South Minneapolis."
 ~ Sandy Cleland RE/MAX

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